Past Life Readings

Online via Webcam and In Portland

Students in our year long Art of the Seer : Clairvoyant Training offer 45 minute Past Life Readings as part of their training.
These unique and fun readings are available:

  • Sundays at 11am Online

  • Saturdays at 11am in Portland

What is an Past Life Reading? 

Our students learn to go into a deep meditation and in the 45 minutes look at up to three of your past lives. They will describe details of your past lives, including how the energy of these lives are affecting the energy of your present life time. This is vital information to receive in a reading; knowing where you've come from can help you to see clearly why you are where you are - and where you're going. There is also time at the end for you to ask a few questions about specific things in your current lifetime - so come prepared!

Who gives these readings? 

These readings are overseen by a member of our teaching staff. A student in our Art of the Seer : Clairvoyant Training with at least six months of experience will give you a reading on some of your Past Lives. We explain everything when you arrive, so you know what to expect and are comfortable with the reading experience. 

How does it work?

To book a Past Life Reading, please click the button above and follow the prompts. A credit card is required to book the appointment, and Past Life Reading with our student readers costs $25. If you're looking for a professional reading from one of our teachers, please click here. Online appointments are done via our free video conference software which you will be directed to download in advance of the reading. Please arrive or log on 5-10 minutes early and check out our resource guide so you have the best experience visiting the school. If you have questions about these readings, contact